Sorry for the cliche’, but holidays are a double-edged sword.

There is joy.

There is stress.

I like to make up gift bags for my friends and special hard-working people in my life. It’s so much better to give a thoughtful, personalized gift rather than that standard pre-packaged gift basket, plus it’s much less expensive. These gift bags can be put together for between 6.00-12.00!

The items below are some of  my favorite things for thrifty pampering. First on my list is the SpaLife Bamboo Charcoal Facial mask. It’s infused with vitamins and feels  exquisite!  Click here for more info: SpaLife Korean Bamboo Charcoal Facial Mask Infused with Multi Vitamins & Hyaluronic Acid – 5 Ct.  My FAVORITE because there’s NO MESS. I like to put one in the fridge for about 15 minutes, then put it on. It’s a pre-made mask that simply rests on you face. There’s no goo, no peeling no rinsing. These are great to put in hostess gift bags and stockings! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! When you put it on, you’ll look like a shiny ninja.

There’s something for the guys, too.

…Or for the chix who might occasionally stay up too late and maybe drink one glass of wine too many and wake up with puffy eyes…

The second thing is simple but wonderful. Want to make someone feel like royalty? Thing number two is one of those items people wouldn’t normally spend the money on for themselves. Tea. Not just any tea. These teas are packaged in special sheer sachets, not paper tea bags.

Whenever I use them, I feel like a princess.

Mighty Leaf and TAZO both offer a plethora of flavors both caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Buying a variety pack is economical, yes, but it also gives you the opportunity to match a specific flavor of tea to each recipient. You’ll notice the 40 pack: PowerTea Medley Gift Box Mighty leaf Variety 40 Tea Bags with Power for Apple Honey Sticks is much more economical than the 15 pack: Mighty Leaf Tea Variety Pack (Pack of 3) 1-Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Earl Grey, 1-Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical, 1-Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Breakfast.

The 40 pack has individual packets, so you can put any quantity you wish in the gift. There are two each of all twenty flavors. TAZO also makes variety packs and uses the same elegant tea bags.

Finally, treat those aching feet and dry hands with a pair of moisturizing socks and gloves. I put a pair of each in each gift bag.

The links are here if you want to read more about them: Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks, Case of 24 Nu-Pore Moisturizing Gloves, Case of 24

Holidays should be more joy than stress. Who wouldn’t want to spent less and still give a luxurious and thoughtful gift? (*raises hand and waves it wildly).

And if you’d like to send them to some place tropical with a band of amateur pirates and a handsome merchant captain on a quest for hidden pirate treasure, might I humbly suggest a fun, adventurous historical romance novel?

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