What started it all?


If you know the answer to that question, then you have a chance at winning $175 Grand Prize!


The Wenches have hidden a treasure chest and in order to find it, ye must follow the story about Captain Bone and her ex-lover, Captain Skull. A fresh line in the story is revealed each day. You can enter the hunt once or daily for a chance to win a gift basket filled with pirate themed bounty, along with signed copies of some of the wenches books.


To win the Grand Prize (a chest filled with $175 worth of treasure, including a Kindle Fire) The Silver Dagger Scriptorium is coordinating the hunt and you can enter here.


In the meantime, here’s the story, which runs across 61 blogs from May 11-June 13, 2017:


Ahoy! Come aboard, pipe all hands. Grab ye a tankard o’rum or a glass o’ grog and a hardtack or two. If yer new to this merry trade, then ye must sign the articles in yer own blood. Know this—‘tis give and take, share and share, leave nothing behind.


So sit yer arse down; hear me tale of a swashbucklin’ pirate, a true buccaneer of the darkest accord.


Captain Bone, a pirate wench, enlisted in the service of the devil, went cruisin’ fer booty with the Brethren of the Coast on a fine corsair called the Regent’s Revenge. Pirates and Petticoats joined her crew, ruthless Ladies and Scoundrels black-hearted, Swept Away by the lure of treasure troves and barrels of rum and wine. No fears had she of the Heroes of the Sea; no worries the Royal Navy would find her.


Through the glass she spied one bloody sunrise, that hell-hound and fire-eater, gut-cutter and spawn of the devil and son of a tavern hag, Bone’s former lover…Captain Skull. Romancing the Pirate had been a mistake. Now, snarling enemies they be.


Captain Bone shouted her orders, “Let loose the topgallants! Open the gunports! Ready the guns with barshot and blow away his spars! Split the ribs of his ship wide open with 24-punders, broadside! Spray the decks with grapeshot! Send Skull back to the devil where he was conceived!”


Now, Captain Skull weren’t no labberneck. Tho’ he fought like a sea wolf, he was no match for the Regent’s Revenge. Captain Bone sent Skull to Davy Jones’ locker.


The boatswain said, “He wouldn’t be dead had he not left Lady Bone at the alter.”


Fair winds to ye, mates!


From, Seven Pirate Wenches


Romance on the High Seas


Seven Swashbuckling Pirate Romances sure to thrill the pirate lurking in your heart.


Prepare to be boarded!

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