Whether it’s dancing naked in a downpour at 3 AM, zip-lining in a rainforest, or racing ponies, Chloe’s always looking for the next adventure. Her pets have always been named after favorite characters or action heroes: Indiana, Luke, Gimli, Thelma, Rocket, Forrest, Al Giordino, Severus, Mushu, Mérida, Gibbs, Jack…Dead Pool (he’s a goldfish).

Chloe’s biggest fault is the apparent inability to say “no” whether it’s in response to a call for aid or a double-dog-dare to hike home through 30 acres of a snow-covered forest at midnight…during a full moon. It was early morning during said adventure when she came upon a group of sheriff’s deputies searching for a lost girl. So, of course she offered to help (turns out, they were searching for her).

In addition to her addiction to adrenaline, she has a weakness for good red wine, Calvin & Hobbes comics, pie, dark chocolate and brown-eyed guys with beards, which is probably why she digs pirates and treasure hunters and writes about action and adventure, pirates and of course romance, which is the greatest adventure of all.


Indiana Jones


My Books

The Pirates & Petticoats Series is about spunky heroines and the scoundrels who love them.

This is a 5 book series:

  1. Hart’s Desire (May 2016)
  2. Hart’s Passion (May 2016)
  3. Hart’s Reward (June 2016)
  4. Pirate Heiress (September 2016)
  5. The Pirate and the Nun (Summer 2017)

The next series: Bridal Veil Falls-the Town of Happily Ever Afters

Chloe Flowers’s books on Goodreads

Hart's Desire
Hart’s Desire (Pirates & Petticoats #1)

reviews: 16 | ratings: 20 (avg rating 4.20)


Hart's Passion
Hart’s Passion (Pirates & Petticoats #2)

reviews: 5 | ratings: 8 (avg rating 4.88)


Pirates & Petticoats Books 1-3 Boxed Set
Pirates & Petticoats Books 1-3 Boxed Set

reviews: 4 | ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.75)


Hart's Reward
Hart’s Reward (Pirates & Petticoats, #3)

reviews: 2 | ratings: 3 (avg rating 4.67)

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