Hart’s Reward ~ The Hart Trilogy Book 3

Hart’s Reward ~ The Hart Trilogy Book 3

$12.95eBook: $2.99
Series: Pirates & Petticoats, Book 3
Genres: Historical Romance, Pirate Romance, Romance, Romantic Action & Adventure, Romantic Adventure, SEA STORIES, WOMEN'S ACTION & ADVENTURE
Tags: Recommended Books, Saga
Publisher: Flowers & Fullerton
Publication Year: 2016
Format: ebook and print
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781633039902

An accident robs Landon of the last five years of his life, turning his new wife, Keelan into a stranger aboard his ship

About the Book

“This last part of Hart and Keelan’s saga was a fitting end to a marvelous love story.” -Amazon Reviewer

Landon’s eyes widened and traveled from Keelan’s face down to her bare breasts, then over her boy’s breeches and boots then back up again.
“What in God’s name….” He clenched his jaw and in two strides closed the space between them. His movement finally broke her temporary paralysis and she lunged for her shirt still draped over their bed. His bed now, since he had no memory of ever sharing it with her.
He reached her before she could take a second step, grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall of the cabin. His crystalline irises flashed in anger. “Who the hell are you?” His gaze raked once more past her stained face, neck and chest.
“And no more lies,” he growled.
If he expected her to shrink in fear, he was going to be disappointed. Keelan lifted her chin and glared back at him as best as she could, considering the top of her head barely reached his jaw. No more tiptoeing around the truth, then.
“I am Keelan O’Brien Hart. Your WIFE.”

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